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"I feel that the new Tachyon Mini-V is the most powerful and most cost effective shield against EMF's that is available today."

“After testing almost every devices on the market,
I discovered the Tachyon Mini-V."

"The Mini-V was consistently at least 100 times 
more EMF protective than any other device.” 

“I and my family now wear the Tachyon Mini-V all the time” 

 As a holistic physician Dr. Cousens is continually working with EMF sensitive people.

“I recommend it to all my patients, and especially my diabetes patients whose blood sugar goes up when exposed to EMF's.” I feel that the new Tachyon Mini-V is the most powerful and most cost effective shield against EMF's that is available today."

Gabriel Cousens, M.D.,M.D.(h), D.D. Author of 13 Books on Holistic Health

 Tachyon Mini-V Pendant - Outstanding For Direct EMF Protection

The Mini-V Pendant is a breakthrough. I truly hope it rocks the world. It is a tool that will wake up your divine energy. It is so powerful I hope everyone wears one because they can change lives for the better.

What to expect:
A subtle shift as your system slowly integrate with the natural vertical invitation of the Mini-V's vertical flow. It is important that you give the Mini-V time to integrate within your system.  As your system begins to harmonize and equalizes, there is typically times of joy for no reason, subtle, -yes, but after a while you will begin to notice a new or deeper sense of well-being. For many an attunement to who they are begins or deepens as they sense their power of being. For others, it is first noticed by the comments and reactions of friends and loved ones, as they notice something is different.  However, you experience it, please do share.  It is a tool that ignites or fuels your own inner divinity. Please do allow yourself time, as often it takes weeks to come to the point of recognition. For this reason, it is recommended to wear it every day, only removing it at nighttime.

"Hello, I'm David Wagner, the inventor of the Tachyonization process. In 1985 I started teaching a process I named Verticality. As part of that process I created a very powerful pendant that I named the Vortex Pendant. It aligns your chakras, keeps you in an energetic state of balance and harmony, and connects you to the Divine. The Vortex pendant was originally created as part of the Pain Body courses I teach. It was too powerful to introduce to those who had not been predisposed to my workshops. My objective was to create a tool that everyone could use without having to take my advanced training programs.

Now, after many years of testing and research I have created the Mini-V pendant––a mini-version of the original Vortex pendant. Creating a pendant that would contain this supremely powerful energetic field took me years of research and testing. It is the only vertical pendant in the world that harnesses the most powerful energy in the universe. The energy comes from a crystal that is encased in a steel tube that has been hollowed out. While wearing it, your energy system is balanced and harmonious and you can be protected from electro-magnetic energy. When wearing it you will experience a much more balanced and healthy flow of energy throughout you system. The positive, life-enhancing experiences and testimonials from those who have been fortunate to wear the pendant have been beyond my expectations.

The pendant is virtually indestructible. The Tachyonized, perfectly cut crystal is encased in a polished steel vessel. The crystal, when worn, integrates the chakras and generates a sense of well-being and harmony relaxing you into your natural vertical flow.

I prescribe the Mini-V pendant for all ages, children included. Those who have worn the pendant claim they are experiencing amazing results. I was stunned at the positive impact it had on my son, who never wants to take it off it makes him feel so good.

Try one for yourself. Give them as gifts to your loved ones."


Each pendant has a steel rod, which has been drilled out to hold the 12mm Vertical crystal. The word Vertical is printed on the highly polished steel tube.  Each comes with a decorative spinning sleeve you can play with.  

The Mini-V comes with a velvet Tachyon logo bag.

Size: approx. 36mm in length and 9mm in diameter. (approx. 1 1/2 inches in length and 3/8 inches in diameter)

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